The independent designer Biljana Camilloni is doing genuine clothes,creating her own style

in between classic/ vintage and couture with vanguardist lines.

Doing handm ade clothes for men and women, she likes to take care of the quality and the details.

She also use good quality fabrics that she buys in Berlin and Barcelona where she has been living for a few years and where she started with doing clothes ,before moving to Berlin.

The fabrics that she is using are from brand new rolls but also from rest of roll whom she gives a new life, and depending on the pieces she is mixing with leftover fabrics too. That provide to mostly each pieces an unique design.





From a Serbian mother and an Italian father, Biljana Camilloni was born and grown up in France  where she studied fashion design in Lyon.

Then after some years in Italy  (Torino) where she was doing a "on measurement Taylorism" course, she moved to Barcelona.

After collaborating with different companies, she started to create her own designs with Javier Rivero that she met while living in Italy. Designs that people could purchase in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Currently she is living in Berlin where she moved  alone for years ago .