I am doing Clothes inspiring myself on people in the street. Usually I don´t follow the fashion trends from the industry. I also dont follow the saisons cadence from the industry, that fashion has to be new twice a  year with new designs and new fabrics. That obliged us as designers , to every year just get rid of all the fabrics bought for each collection . I just follow the real season.  And if people like one cut especifically, I go on making it till they don´t. My inspiration is there needs, mixed with my creativity  wich has been nutrished by Iconic Designers and Friends, that were influencing me since I was a kid. I try to follow my intuition, my madness, all combined with people tastes.

My way of working is to look constantly for new fabrics, out of the also fabric industry wich ask us to order unsustainable quantities  with irresponsable conditions  for small designers. That means, That I buy some new rolls of fabrics to small retailers  but 70% is from rest of rolls . Rolls of  7, 10, or 30 meters. Unicate.  I buy the fabrics in Berlin and Barcelona . 

 In the process of creating and making, I like to take care of all the details.

My designs are in between classic/ vintage and couture, with vanguardist lines. 




From a Serbian mother and an Italian father, I was born and grown up in France  where I studied fashion design in Lyon.

Then after some years in Italy  (Torino) where I made a "on measurement Taylorism" course, I moved to Barcelona.

After collaborating with different companies, I started to create my own designs in 2005 with Javier Rivero that I met while living in Italy. Designs that people could purchase in Barcelona and Ibiza.

Currently I am living in Berlin where I moved  years ago .

I started to dream of designing clothes when I was 14. I was always fascinated by  all the fashion 

magazins and immediatly started to buy them. Every months. I identified as my Alter Ego instantanatly Jean-Paul Gaultier. Many times when I was picturing a garment in my mind, I was seeing in the next magazin I was getting, Pics of models wearing exactly the same one designed by this amazing Creator. And I was thinking "He already made it" :)

My inspiration source was also the comics that I was "devoring", as I was doing with Fashion Magazins. And I would name Enki Bilal, that by the colours he was using, and his fantaisy also contributed to trace my inspiration path.